Ariel Martín Pérez is an Art & Type Director living in Paris, France

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Applied Meta Projects — Ariel's graphic design studio

Tunera — Ariel's open-source type foundry

Velvetyne — The original French Open-Source type foundry. Ariel is part of its core team since 2018.

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Or else check out some of Ariel's personal projects:

"La saison de reproduction de la sfogliatella" — Short notice (in French) (July 2022).

"Obstinato" — Short story (in French) (March 2022).

"La Tour" — Short story (in French) (August 2021).

⚫ "No no normo" — Results of the workshop conducted by Bye Bye Binary at the Maison Populaire de Montreuil. Laser-cut translucent plexiglass and machine-cut adhesive vynil (July 2021).

⚫ "Arrumojis" — A series of emoji stickers for telegram, all finger-drawn in a smartphone with the Simple Draw application (November 2020).

⚫ A collection of flash tattoos that never were, imagined with LGBTerreur (September 2020) - 1) skull cap 2) canasson diabolique 3) vegan bomb 4) chien méchant très méchant 5) lapinique le patriarcat 6) fuck you i’m smoking 7) nudipunki 8) erizo chuzao 9) saturne timide 10) rana rara 11) canguro amor del duro 12) uñas de gel en tu pared 13) la isla del amor bottom 14) kumori memento mori 15) skater pied 16) pájaro cagón cagón 17) cruz, cruz, perro maldito 18) angry cloud / rain on you 19) anarquía y amor de un día 20) kick asssss queer.

⚫ "The year of the pangolin" — 2020 was the Year of the Pangolin. Not only because the covid-19 pandemic was believed to come from the consumption of the meat of one of these endangered animals, but because biodiversity is one of the greatest ressources we have to fight against the diseases of the future. Cutting forests release deadly viruses, but the forest's species also contains the antibiotics of tomorrow. Protect nature, protect humanity! (March 2020).

⚫ "Cœur" — Indian and pencil ink on paper (November 2018).

"Lipogramas monovocálicos" — Short texts written with words containing only one sort of vowel (in Spanish) (May 2018).

⚫ "Quisquilla" — Pencil, watercolour, digital illustration (September 2015).

⚫ "Beards" — experimental digital drawing with Processing (October 2014).

"Fungal superstructures from outer space" — hyphal spaceships drawn with Processing (May 2014).

⚫ "Robota" — various robots, pen drawings (April 2014).

⚫ "Diavolo" — Photography and digital effects (July 2013).

⚫ "Special love" — Digital illustration (July 2012).

⚫ Promotional photograph for the "Robots Absurdes" (a series of workshop about upcycling electronics with the Electrocycle association), teardown CD player (April 2012).

"Desvanecido" — Short poem (in Spanish) (c. 2007).

⚫ "Pops" — Digital illustration (December 2005).

"La monstruosa historia del escuerzo maligno y de sus mañas mortíferas para atraer a los incautos" — Short story (in Spanish) (c. 2002).

⚫ "Pájaros imaginarios" — fantasy birds pencil drawings (1990s) (circular composition made in 2020).