Ariel Martín Pérez is an Art & Type Director living in Paris, France

Discover now:

Applied Meta Projects — Ariel's graphic design studio

Tunera — Ariel's open-source type foundry

Velvetyne — The original French Open-Source type foundry. Ariel is part of its core team since 2018.

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Or else check out some of Ariel's personal projects:

"La monstruosa historia del escuerzo maligno y de sus mañas mortíferas para atraer a los incautos" — Short story (in Spanish) (c. 2002).

"Desvanecido" — Short poem (in Spanish) (c. 2007).

"Lipogramas monovocálicos" — Short texts written with words containing only one sort of vowel (in Spanish) (May 2018).

"La Tour" — Short story (in French) (2021).

"Obstinato" — Short story (in French) (2022).

"La saison de reproduction de la sfogliatella" — Short notice (in French) (2022).