Ariel Martín Pérez is an Art & Type Director living in Paris, France

← Recent projects (2020–2023)

⚫ "Breton heartbreak" ballpoint pen drawings (July 2019).

⚫ "Cœur" — Indian and pencil ink on paper (November 2018).

"Lipogramas monovocálicos" — Short texts written with words containing only one sort of vowel (in Spanish) (May 2018).

⚫ "Vœux 2018 (alternative take)" — the figures on this card were derived from a design research project called Sampler, based on a 18th century emproidery sampler (January 2018).

⚫ "Quisquilla" — Pencil, watercolour, digital illustration (September 2015).

⚫ "Ceres" — Dwarf planet Ceres and its mysterious white spots, digital illustration (March 2015).

⚫ "Beards" — experimental digital drawing with Processing (October 2014).

"Fungal superstructures from outer space" — hyphal spaceships drawn with Processing (May 2014).

⚫ "Robota" — various robots, pen drawings (April 2014).

⚫ "When I die" — Scanned drawings and lettering, scanned body parts, based on my memories as a biology student (February 2014).

⚫ "Diavolo" — Photography and digital effects (July 2013).

⚫ "Special love" — Digital illustration (July 2012).

⚫ Promotional photograph for the "Robots Absurdes" (a series of workshop about upcycling electronics with the Electrocycle association), teardown CD player (April 2012).

⚫ "Vœux 2011" — A picture made by superposing photographs of pebbles found in San Felipe beach, on a white sheet background (Gran Canaria) (January 2011, slightly simplified in 2023).

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